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You could get a grant and get high efficiency Loft Insulation installed free or at minimal cost.

A free Loft Insulation grant is available in Wymondham; it is available if you own, are buying or rent your home from a private landlord.

Under the scheme, you could get a choice of insulation type, there are signifficant differences in their performanace and how they work, from leading manufacturers installed by a choice of installers. y

You do not have to be receiving benefits or be over a certain age to qualify in many areas.

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Choose from:

  • Mineral Fibre
  • Earth Wool
  • Blown Fibre
  • Cellulose Fibre
Loft insulation installer carrying out insulation in the loft

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If you need confirmation of your eligibility or would like to book an appointment for a survey, call now or complete the enquiry form. We offer same or next day surveys in most areas and can usually get your choice of insulation installed within just a few days by certain installers under certain schemes.



Under the terms and conditions of the scheme, we need to carry out a survey and check and ensure that your property is suitable.

A lot of householders are unsure if their property has been insulated previousley we can check for you quickly and easily, if it hasn’t been insulated or believe it may not have been done properly, we offer free advice and quidance

Gants available for free loft insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, Boilers

Gauranteed Best Option – Free Loft Insulation Grant Wymondham

We are unique, unlike other organisations, we will always let you know about the scheme that offers you the maximum benefit reflecting your requirements, we will let you know if there is a better or potentially higher grant available even if we cannot access it directly.

This ensures you can get your choice of insulation, installed by an installer of your choice if you have one either totally free or at the very best rate available.

We do not work for any installer, we work for you so you can be sure of independant and impartial guidance ablout the schemes and your options.

How to qualify for a free Loft Insulation in Wymondham

There are several schemes available in different areas of the country, you or anyone living in the property do not necessarily need to be over a certain age or receiving benefits to qualify.

If someone does get any qualifying benefit it will usually mean automatic qualification, we can let you know and confirm this when you contact us. Qualification can also be based on the existing energy efficiency of your home, if your home is inefficient you could get a higher grant and be offered other improvements to reduce your fuel bills, keep warm and help the environment by reducing carbon emissions that are produced when we heat our homes.

Tenedered Quotations

Where you do not qualify for totally free insulation we also offer another option, we carry out a survey to confirm your homes suitability and to discuss your requirements and get “tendered quotations” for you from approved installers. This ensures you get exactly what you want and what is most suitable for you home. This can reduce the cost by over 50% compared to other quotations that clients have received for home insulation improvements where they have obtained quotations directly.

We can do this because of our knowledge of the insulation industry and by streamlining costs’ for the installers and removing associated overheads, we receive no commission and savings are passed directly to you, this can reduce the cost significantly on its own!

What happens when I contact you?

There’s no obligation, we’re happy to provide any information and answer any general questions: When you contact us we will confirm your eligibility to any particular scheme, we will ask a few simple questions and can usually let you know in just a few seconds..

We will then ask you what type of insulation you are looking for and if you have a preference. All our advisors have excellent knowledge about the types of Loft Insulation available and are happy to give you any advice or guidance to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Because we are not restricted to just one scheme or installer, we can usually offer you exactly what you want,

We will then offer a survey appointment, we can often arrange a survey the same or next day, the survey will take about half an hour to an hour, we are always happy to answer your questions when the survey is carried out!

We can help you choose the type of Loft Insulation you get and what’s the best or most suitable type for your home.

Installation can usually be completed within just a few days or at a time that’s convienient for you.

Whats the most suitable type of Loft Insulation for your property, you can get different types, please see below.

Rolled or blanket layed loft insulation is probably the most common type of insulation. It is available in rolls of foil-backed felt, rock, glass or mineral fibre.

It is relatively straightforward to install although special attention should be paid to ventilation, some types use recycled glass which helps the environment, ideally suited for insulating accessible roof spaces.

Blown Fibre

Blown fibre is usefull and sometimes the better option if you are looking to insulate roof spaces with limited access or restricted roof height, similar performance to rolled fibre.

Cellolose Fibre

Cellolose fibre is made from news paper which has been treated to offer excellent fire retardant properties, is is one of the most thermally efficienct products available to insualte your loft with although it will require specialist installation.


Vermiculite is rarely used, this is due to primarily the availability of better or more suitable alternaites, it’s thermal efficiency is also belw other products available.

Question and Answers

Where does the funding come from?

It is a central government scheme, it is administered by ofgem who oversee the entire scheme and report to central government

Will I definately get a grant and be able to my Loft Insulation free?

The grants are subject to terms and conditions like many things, we have to ensure that you qualify and that the improvements that you are looking for follow the scheme directives, we can confirm to you usually within just a few minutes if you are likely to qualify, we will always let you know about the best options available irrespect of whether we can access them directly or need to refer you to a manging agent.

Can I use anyone to install my Loft Insulation?

No, the insulation must be installed by a registered installer who also holds additional qualifications and is registered under the various schemes. You can however choose any of the installers that are registered and choose the product type. Under the schemes you will always have a choice.

Do all the registered installers offer the same insulation and other improvements?

No, this is why it is important that you contact an organisation like ourselves who is not tied or working for any one installer.

The installers can choose which insulation they install as well as the type of jobs they want to do. They also can charge what they want to and may also receive different levels of funding due to there being more that one source of funding for the schemes available.

Does that mean that some installers might do it for free or very nearly free whilst others may make a significant charge?

Yes, we are aware of instances where for certain improvements applicants have been charged a significant client contribution where there are other schemes or installers who may have done it free or very nearly free.

We are also aware of applicants being told they must have a certain type of insulation or one from a specific manufacturer, this is not correct you can have any type of insulation from any manufacturer providing it complies with the scheme requirements and your property is suitale.

Why should I contact you?

We do not work for anyone installer or manufacturer, we can offer a choice and if you have a preference usually ensure that this is offered. We can also offer you access to other schemes or funders that may be able to offer a better offer or install your choice of insulation either free or nearly free. We are also able to obtain “tendered” quotation reflecting your wishes or reqiuirements and receive no commission from the tendered rates received.

Case Study – (Free Boiler Grant Scheme)

We were contacted by a client; they live in a two bedroomed park home and needed a new LPG gas boiler.
They qualified as they received a qualifying benefit and a survey was carried out by an installer who proposed to install the new boiler under the grant scheme.
The client was told that whilst they qualified, they would need to contribute nearly £1000.00 towards the boiler.
We arranged for the client to get another estimate from an alternative installer that we referred them to; they had in the past installed several boilers in the area to an excellent standard.
Our intention was to get a quotation using a boiler with similar specifications to the existing boiler in their home.
They surveyed the property and were able to install the boiler totally free for the client.
The job was carried out which took just 1 day to complete within a week of the survey, the client obviously was very pleased as unfortunately they were not in a position to proceed otherwise.

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