Free Boilers Willenhall; Grants Now Available

Free Boilers Willenhall; new central government grant scheme available to local householders in this area.

How Can We Help?

To find out what’s available, if you qualify, and to confirm if it will be totally free, please contact us using the enquiry form, we can also provide full contact details of approved installers in your area enabling you to contact them directly if you would prefer to do so.

You can get the following improvements carried out quickly and easily and to the highest standards under the scheme.

  • New Gas Boilers
  • High-Efficiency Combi Boilers
  • The Latest Conventional Boilers

How to Qualify

Grants are available to homeowners and mortgage payers, as long as someone, (not necessarily the householder), who lives at the property is receiving a qualifying benefit you could qualify for a 100% grant to get a new free boiler.

Qualifying Benefits

  • Pension Guarantee Credit
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
  • Income Support
  • Tax Credits
  • Personal Independence Payment
  • Disability Living/ Working Allowance
  • Universal Credit
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • War Pensions Mobility Supplement
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment

The boiler must be installed by a Gas Safe installer who is TrustMark registered under the ECO3 scheme. Your new boiler will usually be installed totally free or at little cost, the exact amount of grant is based on the property size and the amount of work involved.

For your convenience, we have provided the details of your local approved installer below, you can contact them directly to get an immediate response to your inquiry, book a survey or confirm your eligibility.

Approved installer details:

Smart Energy logo

Smart Energy West Midlands Limited

Block E5, Hagley Court North
The Waterfront

Telephone 0333 358 3130



Smart Energy (West Midlands) Limited are TrustMark registered and approved to carry out the following improvements under the scheme.

  • Gas Boilers
  • Gas Central Heating
  • Smart Heating Controls
  • First Time Central Heating

The installer has completed many installations for local householders and has received excellent feedback, you can contact them directly to get references and information from their previous clients.

About the ECO3 free boiler grants and schemes – Free Boilers Willenhall

The scheme is part of a government initiative called the Affordable Warmth Obligation – (HHCRO) and part of the ECO directive.

It provides numerous types of improvements including new and replacement boilers, heating systems, and insulation improvements to householders throughout the country. Qualifying for the scheme is easy; if you or anyone who lives at the property receive certain benefits and you have an old or broken boiler you could qualify. You may also be able to get a grant if you do not receive benefits under a discretionary scheme. To qualify under this criteria, you will usually be either elderly, have young children or have a serious illness, and be on a limited income, or have little or no savings.

The scheme is open to both owner-occupiers and tenants although not all improvement types are available to certain householder groups. Please contact us if clarification is required.

The current scheme runs until March 2022 although funding may be limited for some improvements.

PAS 2030/ PAS 2035 TrustMark Accreditation Now Required

As of the 1st July 2021, all improvements carried out under the ECO3 grant scheme must comply with the above regulations.

A retrofit survey must now be carried out by a suitably qualified and registered assessor who is also registered under the TrustMark scheme. This is to help ensure that work is carried out to high standards and provide additional confidence for applicants. It also ensures that improvements comply with ventilation and suitability requirements and that the property is improved in line with expectations. A retrofit survey will be carried out as part of the application and can be arranged by contacting your local installer or ourselves ensuring total satisfaction for all.

Questions and answers: Free boilers Willenhall

Free Boilers Willenhall – Who qualifies for a boiler grant?

The free boiler grant scheme is available to homeowners and mortgage payers throughout most areas of the country including the {Free-Boilers-Keywords(FreeBoilersSmartEnergy)} area. Providing someone who lives at the property is receiving certain benefits you may qualify.

What type of boiler replacement can I get?

Under the Free Boiler Grant scheme in Willenhall, you can currently get a choice of boiler type, this includes; “Combi” or Combination Boilers that provide instantaneous hot water as well as Conventional and System Boilers that use a hot water tank or cylinder.

Free boilers Willenhall – Can I choose who installs the boiler?

All installations are carried out using trade registered and approved installers who are registered and authorised to carry out the work under the scheme. So, your choice of the actual installer may be limited.

Will the boiler be installed totally free?

The amount of grant you can get is based on your property type and its energy efficiency. It will also take into account the amount of work involved and any personal preferences you may have.

Most properties, even larger 5 or 6 bedroomed properties can still usually get the work completed either free or at little cost when compared to typical retail prices.

How long will it take to install my boiler in the Willenhall area under the free grant scheme?

The whole process can be carried out extremely quickly. You will get told immediately when you qualify and what you will get. Installation can usually be carried out within a few days although an emergency service may be available

What’s the best way to get proper advice or apply for a free boiler?

We now provide the contact details of local approved installers in most areas, you can either contact them directly or contact grant schemes for any additional information or you want alternative installer information

Free Boilers Willenhall – General Summary

The schemes are a central government initiative and are primarily designed to help us. They help to keep us warm as well as helping to reduce the carbon emissions that are produced when we heat our homes.

The government has committed to reducing the UK’s total carbon emissions under ambitious targets. So, we will be one of the first countries in the world to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

Reducing pollution and carbon emissions has had cross-party political support for many years with subsequent governments increasing the overall commitment to reduce fuel poverty and protect the environment.

Free Boilers Willenhall; Find out more about the schemes available, apply now.