Free Boilers Bangor; Grants Now Available

Free Boilers Bangor; new central government grant scheme available to local householders in this area.


How Can We Help?

To find out what’s available, if you qualify, and to confirm if it will be totally free, please contact us using the enquiry form, we can also provide full contact details of approved installers in your area enabling you to contact them directly if you would prefer to do so.

  • Free boilers are now available
  • ECO4 boiler grant scheme
  • 100% free boilers
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How to Qualify

There is no longer any requirement to be receiving benefits to qualify, if you are on a low income and in a priority group you could still qualify, please contact us for details.

Please note; Some applications may only receive a partial grant towards the overall cost, this may apply to certain property types or for non-standard installations.

We offer householders quick and easy access to independent advice and guidance about the schemes available. 

Our registered and qualified assessors can carry out surveys to help you identify the most suitable improvements for your home as well as checking the existing heating and insulation to see if improvements are required or would be beneficial.

We can also complete applications or provide information about registered installers in your area who are able to carry out the requested improvements for you.

Contacting us directly can ensure you get your full entitlement and your choice of improvements and preferred installers.

We can carry out EPC, Retrofit and heat loss calculations as well as check existing or failed insulation.

Local Approved Installer Details

For your convenience, we can also provide the details of your local Bangor area approved installer. If you would prefer to contact them directly we make it easy and you can be sure you are talking directly to the installers who actually carry out the work.

Installation of your new boiler could also be carried out within just 24 hours in emergency cases or where you are without heat or hot water.

  • Available throughout the area
  • Choice of boiler
  • Installations fully guaranteed
  • Qualified, registered and approved installers.
  • TrustMark/ PAS2030 PAS2035 registered installers and assessors

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions; Free boilers Bangor:

Do I get a choice of boiler type?

You can currently get a choice of boiler from approved and registered manufacturers, including Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Glow-worm, Ideal, Viessmann, etc.

Do I get a choice of installer?

Yes, you can choose the installer although they have to be qualified and registered under this scheme, we can give you the details of installers in your area or appoint an installer for you.How much will I have to pay towards it?

The amount of grant you can get is based on your property type and its energy efficiency as well as the amount of work involved, the cost of the work can vary but most boilers can usually be installed totally free for most property types, even larger 5 or 6 bedroomed properties can still get totally free new boilers installed.

Partial grants for boilers may also be available in addition to 100% free or fully funded installations.

Most properties can get the boiler installed totally free.

The grant you will receive will be based on what you are looking for, the complexity of the work and the properties existing energy efficiency, the lower or worse the energy efficiency of your property is, the higher the grant. You may also be able to get a partial grant towards the cost if the work cannot be carried out totally free.

It’s an emergency, how long does it take?

We can usually confirm your eligibility and tell you how much you could get immediately, surveys can also be carried out in the Free boilers Bangor area either remotely or by fully observing any social distancing requirements.

What’s the best way to get proper advice or apply under the Free Boilers Bangor Scheme?

Contact us by initially completing the enquiry form HERE, we can then either call you back at a convenient time or send confirmation and full details directly.

About the Free boilers Bangor Grant Scheme

The Grants are a central government initiative and are primarily designed to help keep us warm and to reduce carbon emissions that are produced when we heat our homes.

The government has committed to reducing the UK’s total carbon emissions under ambitious targets and is looking to be one of the first countries in the world to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

Cutting carbon pollution has had cross-party political support for many years with subsequent governments increasing the overall commitment to current and new schemes. Funding continues to increase throughout most areas.

Free Boilers Bangor; Get more information about the schemes available, Apply Now.