East Devon District Council Area Free Boiler Grant Scheme

The Government’s Free Boiler Grant Scheme

If you’ve contacted others and have either been told your boilers too new or you have been quoted a significant contribution in addition to the grant, we can help, we have access to other alternative schemes and can save you time and money, call now or complete the enquiry “contact us” form.

We only do free boilers, if we can’t do it for free, we’ll try and recommend someone who can!

Choice of boilers available

Priority response for broken boilers

East Devon District Council Area Free Boiler Grant Scheme; The scheme is now available following a government directive, it’s available to help us keep warm if our old boiler breaks down, has a fault or is old and needs replacing.

The scheme also helps to reduce the amount of carbon emitted from older appliances and as such can help the environment.

Please contact us for more information, to confirm your eligibility or to book a survey, click the link below or telephone direct on our freephone number:

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We can also provide details of other installers in your area ensuring you can get an installation date that is convenient and the very best offer.

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Get more information and confirm your eligibility, we offer a priority and emergency service.

The grants available are part of a government directive to help keep us warm and reduce carbon emissions from older appliances.

We can also provide details on other installers and other schemes that are available throughout the country.

This can ensure you get your choice of boiler from an installer you are happy with.

East Devon District Council Area Free Boiler Grant Scheme:

Free boilers are available under a central government scheme supported by local authorities throughout the country.

The Free Boiler Grant Scheme is available to homeowners (including mortgage payers) and private tenants as well as landlords who can access the scheme.

Getting a free boiler is extremely easy, just contact us directly, we can confirm your eligibility and ensure you get your choice of boiler quickly and with the minimum of inconvenience, we also ensure that you are guided to the most attractive scheme offering you the maximum benefits and reflecting your requirements.

  • Fast and Easy Application
  • Combi Boilers
  • Conventional Boilers
  • System Boilers
  • Back Boilers

Boilers from leading manufacturers including:

  • Worcester Bosch
  • Vaillant
  • Viessmann
  • Baxi
  • Potterton

and many others.

Get a quick and simple answer; contact us, we can offer a priority service if you are without heat or hot water or your existing boiler is broken.

East Devon District Council Area Free Boiler Grant Scheme:

Because of the number of different schemes available in the area, the quickest and easiest way to find out about them is to either call us directly on our freephone number or by completing the inquiry form.

You can talk to us directly or we’ll call you back either straight away or at a time convenient to you.

If you prefer, you can complete the enquiry form and we’ll send you the details by email or sms, it’s that easy!

We can arrange all aspects for you from providing basic information to ensuring your chosen improvements are installed to the highest standards, with just one call you can do it all!

*Please note; there may be other schemes available if you don’t get any benefits or qualify for the main scheme, it’s always worth a call. If we cannot do it for free we may know someone who can or be able to provide information about the best alternatives available.

How to qualify for the Free Boiler Grant Scheme in the East Devon District Council Area.

There are different schemes available; you do not necessarilyneed to be receiving benefits to qualify.

Option 1.

Someone living in the property must be receiving any one or more of the following;*

Armed Forces Independence Payment
Attendance Allowance
Carer’s Allowance
Child Benefit*
Child Tax Credit
Constant Attendance Allowance
Disability Living Allowance
Employment & Support Allowance
Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits
Income Support
Job Seeker’s Allowance
Pension Credit
Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
Severe Disablement Benefit
Universal Credit
War Pensions Mobility Supplement
Working Tax Credit

Option 2.

Discretionary Scheme available to all householders, you do not need to be receiving benefits, terms and conditions can vary in different areas.

Option 3.

Cash Back & Discount Schemes, you do not need to be receiving benefits. Available to all householders, discounted rates and cash-back schemes availability may also vary in different areas.

Free boiler grants do not have to be repaid, ever.

We believe in keeping things simple, if you are looking for a free boiler under the government scheme, call now, we can do the rest for you!

For more information without obligation, please either complete the quick inquiry form by clicking the button below or telephone us directly on our freephone number for immediate and priority support.

Telephone: Freephone 0800 772 3458

We welcome contact from landlords, management agents, and tenants.