Air Source Heat Pump Grant Scheme

You Could Get a New Heat Pump for your Home

A new scheme enabling you to get a high efficiency heat pump at a comparable price of a new boiler.

Air Source Heat Pumps Installed from less than £3495.00

Pilot Scheme – Limited Avalability

The scheme can help you get a new, green, carbon neutral heating system for your home, they run on electricity so you do not need mains gas, LPG or oil! They are extremely economical to run with typical running costs’ less than mains gas in well insulated properties.

As we are all aware, the government has banned the installation of gas and oil boilers in some properties from 2025 to help them acheive their target of zero carbon emmissions. Heat pumps, which have been suceessfully used all over europe for over 20 years is the technology most likely to be used by most households in the future.

We are piloting this scheme to demonstarte that heat pumps needn’t cost in excess of £10,000 to £12,000 and can be installed at about the same or little more than the price of a gas boiler.

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High Efficiency Air Source Heat Pumps, get the latest technology and a warmer home. Can be used as an alternative to electric storage or panel heaters and provide total flexiblity and comparable or lower running costs’ than mains gas.

The scheme is available to all householders – limited availability in some areas subject to confirmation.

We can also provide details on other installers and other schemes that are available throughout the country.

This can ensure you get your choice of improvement from an installer you are happy with, at the very best offer available.

About the Air Source Heat Pump Grant Scheme

The scheme is available to all householders living in any property type, you do not need to be receiving benefits or be over a certain age to qualify.

The heat pumps can utilise existing radiators or we can also install new radiators, underfloor or skirting radiators to ensure a balanced heat throughout your home.

Installation will usually take just a couple of days, heat pumps can provide amble heat and hot water for the majority of homes, a qualified technicean will always carry out a heat loss calculation to ensure that your jhome is suitable and to recommend the correct size system.

Getting a heat pump is extremely easy, just contact us directly, we can confirm your eligibility and answer any questions as well as being able to arrange a survey for you. We can also provide a accurate estimate of the likely cost for your home in just a few minutes.

  • Fast and Easy Application
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Gauranteed for Up to 10 Years
  • Heat only or Heat & Hot water systems
  • MCS Accredited Installers

Heat Pumps from leading manufacturers including:

  • Mitsubishi
  • Toshiba
  • Danfoss

and many others.

Get a quick and simple answer; contact us, we can offer a priority service if you are without heat or hot water or your existing boiler is broken.

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How to qualify for the Air Source Heat Pump Grant Scheme

You can qualify if you are a homeowner or tenant, although tenants will always need the landlords permission to have any improvements carried out, you can apply if you are the homeower (or mortgage payer), in joint ownership, a council, housing association or private tannat or the landlord.

Air Source Heat Pump Grants do not have to be repaid, ever.

We believe in keeping things simple, if you are looking for a free boiler under the government scheme, call now, we can do the rest for you!

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