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Free phone: 0800 772 3458

Grants & Schemes Now Available for Loft Insulation

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Grants now available of up to 100% to householders throughout the country.

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Loft Insulation Grants & Schemes

Currently  Available:


Recommended Thickness of Insulation:

300mm, (Approximately 11 inches thick).


All Householders; Owner Occupiers, Private, Council & Housing Association Tenants, Shared Ownership, Landlords.

Grant Amount:

Up to 100% of the cost of the work, including installation and materials.

Benefits Required:



Immediate approval and installation, surveys within a few days , installation at clients request.

Funding Status:

New Scheme Starting; Apply Now, funding available throughout all areas - all property types including post 1982.

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Grants and Schemes now available for Loft Insulation - Top up your old insulation and enjoy a warmer more comfortable home with lower fuel bills.


If you have old or inadequate loft insulation you could get a grant to fully insulate your loft to the latest standards or to upgrade your old inadequate insulation.

Loft Insulation Gives you:

A warmer home

Lower Fuel Bill

Faster warm up times

Reduced carbon emissions

The grants are available to all householders, you do not need to be receiving benefits or be over a certain age to qualify.

Qualification is based on your existing insulation (or lack of it), a free survey can be arranged to check your insulation and advise accordingly.


Funding is currently very limited due to forth coming changes to the existing schemes; contact us whilst funding is still available


Installations can be carried out by a choice of installers registered under the scheme, and in some cases within 24 hour.


Other schemes are also available for heating, boilers and renewable technologies.


Cash Back schemes also available for certain improvements.


Contact us direct for full information and confirmation of availability in your area.

Telephone: 0333 305 2220

(standard rates from all areas and are usually included in any free and inclusive minutes on mobile contracts)

You can also complete your details within the "contact" section and by requesting a call back.

Energy Efficiency Grant Schemes.

Application and processing, surveys and assessments.

Direct access to grant and scheme funding.

Assessors and installers based within local areas throughout the country.

Please contact our administration centre for details of your local assessor on any of the listed telephone numbers (standard rates) or by using the "Contact Us page"

Energy Efficiency Grant Schemes:

Midland Road Birmingham B30 2ES

0333 305 2220

We will confirm Your  Eligibility by email within 30

Government Grant Schemes

Free phone: 0800 772 3458