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Free phone: 0800 772 3458

Grants & Schemes Available - Heat Pumps

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Directives For Home Energy Efficiency Improvements

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Apply Direct - Funding is currently available in most areas for the following improvements;

Qualification for most schemes is now based on your property, not your age or income.


As long as you either own your own home (includes mortgage payers), or are a Private, Council or Housing Association Tenant you will qualify for grant of up to 100% for the following improvements.


Cavity Wall Insulation - 100% Grants

Loft Insulation - 100% - Grants

Solid Wall Insulation - 100% grants

Replacement Boilers - 100% Grants

Solar PV - Feed in Tariffs

RHI - Renewable Heat Incentive


Feed in Tariffs may require the purchase of any equipment ,financing may be available.

Renewable heating including:


Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps and Biomass Boilers.

Solar PV (Electricity Generation)

Solar Thermal (Hot Water)


Installation may be available within 24 hours for certain improvements and certain applicants.


Choice of installers and products in most areas.


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Grants and Schemes now available for

Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps.

Get paid under the Renewable Heating Incentive Scheme.

Ground and air source heat pumps are becoming ever more efficient and attract as a low cost, reliable and environmentally friendly heating system for homes especially where fuel sources may be limited.


A well designed system could be cheaper to run than other alternatives, most heat pumps also off an extended working life which could be double or even three times that of a conventional boiler.

Under the Renewable Heating Incentive you are paid an agreed tariff for an agreed term similar to the schemes offered for PV solar systems

The schemes are available to all householders, you do not need to be receiving benefits or be over a certain age to qualify, as long as your home is suitable and if it is viable, you could qualify for the payments.


The grants never need to be paid back and could be transferred to the new owner if the property were to be sold or transferred.


To ensure the systems work cost effectively and as envisaged it is important to have a well insulated home and a correctly designed and "sized" system.


Installations must be carried out by suitably qualified and registered installers who are closely monitored to ensure compliance and client satisfaction.


if you are interested in finding out more information or would like unbiased advice or guidance please contact us directly. We have qualified advisors who would be happy to provide further information about heat pumps and any alternative systems that may be of interest.


Other schemes are also available for insulation, traditional boilers and heating systems and other renewable technologies.


Cash Back schemes also available for certain improvements.


Contact us direct for full information and confirmation of availability in your area.

Telephone: 0333 305 2220

(standard rates from all areas and are usually included in any free and inclusive minutes on mobile contracts)

You can also complete your details within the "contact" section and by requesting a call back.

Energy Efficiency Grant Schemes.

Application and processing, surveys and assessments.

Direct access to grant and scheme funding.

Assessors and installers based within local areas throughout the country.

Please contact our administration centre for details of your local assessor on any of the listed telephone numbers (standard rates) or by using the "Contact Us page"

Energy Efficiency Grant Schemes:

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Government Grant Schemes

Free phone: 0800 772 3458