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Free phone: 0800 772 3458

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Free Cavity Wall Insulation Manningtree

Free Cavity Wall Insulation

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Save 35% on your fuel bills.

Be warmer and more comfortable in your home.

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Cavity Wall Insulation

Grants & Schemes Currently




All Householders; Owner Occupiers, Private, Council & Housing Association Tenants, Shared Ownership, Landlords.

Grant Amount:

Up to 100% of the cost of the work, including installation and materials.

Benefits Required:



Immediate, surveys within a few days , installation at clients request.

Funding Status:

New Scheme Starting; Apply Now, funding available throughout all areas - all property types including post 1982.

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Cavity Wall Insulation Image Icon 01Cavity Wall Insulation Grants; You can currently get Cavity Wall Insulation installed FREE in the Manningtree area.

Free cavity wall insulation is available throughout all areas of Manningtree, there are no income tests', if your property is suitable you could enjoy a warmer home with lower fuel bills as well as doing your bit to help the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Fast Straight Forward Application:

1. Contact us by phone or use our "Contact" page, you can also use the contact page to request a call-back.

2. We will confirm your eligibility and can also arrange a free survey for you.

3. A survey will confirm your homes' suitability as well as providing any additional information you may need.

They will also answer your questions and can normally provide a date for installation, this could be in just a few days following the survey.

4. Your homes' insulation is installed at your convenience, quickly and with minimal inconvenience to yourself.

Why insulate your walls

Up to 35% of your valuable heat could be escaping through any uninsulated walls, insulating them keeps the heat in and the cold outside.  In the summer it can also keep your home cooler, the insulation works just like a Thermos flask keeping warm things warm and cooler things cool.

Types of insulation

There are different types of insulation materials available from different installers who cover the Manningtree area, you can choose which type you would like, if you are unsure we can offer free advice and guidance about which one would be most suitable for your home.

The types of product or material we are able to offer include:

Mineral Fibre

Polystyrene Beads

High Efficiency "Grey Bead"


Installation is quick and easy and completed in just a few hours, it is installed by licensed and approved installers located throughout the country and comes with a government backed guarantee that is also transferable if you sell your home, the guarantee lasts for 25 years for added peace of mind.

Are there any problems with Cavity Wall Insulation?

Before installing cavity wall insulation you must have a survey carried out by a trained  assessor, they will check and confirm if your home is suitable. They use a special boroscope camera to look inside your walls and would advise you if there was any reason why you should not take advantage of the offer of free insulation.

Many householders throughout Manningtree have already had cavity wall insulation installed totally free under the grant scheme and are enjoying the benefits of a well insulated, warmer home and benefiting from significantly reduced fuel bills.

How long does it take?

We have surveyors and assessors located throughout the Manningtree area, contact us now either by telephone, by completing the enquiry form or by requesting a call-back. We can usually arrange a survey anywhere in or around the Manningtree area within 24 - 48 hours or at any time convenient to you.

If your home is suitable, and you want to go ahead we could arrange an installation date with you during the survey.

We can usually arrange installation within the next week or so or at a time convenient to you.

Telephone: 0333 305 2220

(standard rates from all areas and are usually included in any free and inclusive minutes on mobile contracts)

You can also complete your details within the "contact" section and by requesting a call back.

Energy Efficiency Grant Schemes.

Application and processing, surveys and assessments.

Direct access to grant and scheme funding.

Assessors and installers based within local areas throughout the country.

Please contact our administration centre for details of your local assessor on any of the listed telephone numbers (standard rates) or by using the "Contact Us page"

Energy Efficiency Grant Schemes:

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Government Grant Schemes

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